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I was charged with driving under the influence of a controlled substance. I went into court by myself and the District Attorney offered me 90 days in Los Angeles County Jail. I was terrified. I contact Rodney Nosratabadi and he walked me through all the scenarios. I retained his offices and he got me an offer with no jail time.

G.S. Los Angeles, CA

My son was involved in an accident that almost killed him. To add insult to injury, he was charged with driving under the influence in juvenile court. When I sat down with Rodney Nosratabadi, he made me feel more comfortable about the proceedings. He visited my son at the hospital and told him about what could happen to his case. A week later, my son was discharged from the hospital. The next day, we all appeared in Orange County Juvenile Delinquency Court. I was afraid that my son would be taken into custody that day, but Rodney Nosratabadi made a great pitch to keep him out of Juvenile Hall. Mr. Nosratabadi suggested that we retest my son’s blood sample. After 30 days, Mr. Nosratabadi shared the results with the District Attorney’s Office and his case was dismissed.

C.L. Orange County, CA

I got into a fight with my girlfriend and was arrested for domestic violence. I spent two days in jail. I was then released and retained Mr. Nosratabadi’s services. The San Bernardino District Attorney wanted to give me 60 days in jail. Mr. Nosratabadi advised me that I had a great case and recommended going to trial. He obtained statements from everyone that was involved in the incident and forwarded this information to the District Attorney’s Office. My case was dismissed on the first day of trial.

P.B. San Bernardino, CA

The cops told me that I was being investigated for having unlawful sex with a minor. I immediately contacted Mr. Nosratabadi. He told me to keep quiet. He also told me that the cops could possibly take me into custody soon. I retained Mr. Nosratabadi to represent me. He called the police and arranged an informal surrender. He also asked the police to release me on my own recognizance (O.R.), but they didn’t. The next day, we appeared in court for my arraignment and Mr. Nosratabadi convinced the judge to release me on my own recognizance. Mr. Nosratabadi then reviewed the police report with me that day and advised me not to waive time. Almost two weeks later, my case was dismissed. Thanks Mr. Nosratabadi!

E.J.C. Fullerton, CA

I was on felony probation for possession of methamphetamines and was caught for possession of methamphetamines again two years later. My previous attorney told me that the court had offered me 180 days in county jail. I retained the Law Office of Rodney Nosratabadi and he filed a motion to suppress evidence because the search was not legal. Mr. Nosratabadi conducted a rigorous cross-examination of the Police Officer that arrested me. I was impressed with all the inconsistencies that Mr. Nosratabadi brought about after during the cop’s testimony. After reviewing both testimony and videotapes at the hearing, the judge yelled at the District Attorney demanding an explanation as to why the case was even filed against me. He immediately granted Mr. Nosratabadi’s motion to suppress and the case was dismissed. But, I was still facing a probation violation. Thanks to Mr. Nosratabadi, I did no jail time. I did a 30 day stay at a local residential rehabilitation program. Thank you Mr. Nosratabadi.